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Somehow it is November already – and we have a lockdown looming before the end of the week. Normally at this time of year we would have been tidying our sheds and putting surplus tools and equipment to one side for the annual Gardenalia Sale at our November meeting. This year, however, things are a little different!

But that’s no excuse for not tidying the shed. If its anything like ours it is probably in need of a good sort out and a sweep. Its really quite surprising how roomy the shed can be once things start to be put away and tidied up so you can see some floor. What’s more it is excellent (and socially distanced!) exercise even when its pouring with raining and there’s a gale howling around outside. And if it is pouring with rain at least you find out whether the roof felt needs replacing!

So in the lonely weeks ahead let us tidy our sheds, sort out and clean the greenhouse, and make the most of our gardens – we know it makes sense. Wrap up warm and get some fresh air – move the plants that will need frost protection into the greenhouse; keep deadheading the still blooming plants (Cosmos, Penstemon, Dahlia . . .) for as long as possible; cut the grass if it is dry and growing; make some space ready to dry and store any Dahlia tubers that will need lifting; and its not too late to take cuttings of those tender plants such as some Salvias or ones you want to have more of in the garden.

And don’t forget to collect seeds ready for next year’s planting.

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