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Virtual Show – the Grand Finale

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Among the many photos received for the Virtual Show this last week have been quite a few taken at other times of the year so we thought as the final part of the Show we could have a round-up of this (very peculiar) year so far.

We start with January through to April

Then May



and finally August

We hope you have enjoyed this peek at members’ gardens and flowers over the last week. We have missed being able to meet up every month and our chats about our gardens over a cup of something after our speaker has finished for the evening – and we’ve really missed hearing all those inspirational and informative talks. This looks likely to continue well into next year as well, sadly. In the meantime we will try to keep the blog going with as many photos, hints, tips and links as we can find as it is one way to stay in touch with each other until something approaching ‘normal life’ can resume.

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