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December Garden Colour 8

Our plant today is the Sedum – or Hylotelephium as the botanists have renamed it. Even the leaves add a splash of brightness as they turn a golden yellow. And once the wind, rain and frost have done their worst the different shades of brown (especially in the sunshine – if only) are still colourful. The red seeds of the Crocosmia are adding to the colour in this photo too.

Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE talk via Zoom from Barlaston Garden Club tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7.30.

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Virtual meetings

Before we post our seventh December photo we have news from Barlaston Garden Club. They are hosting their meetings via Zoom and would like to invite everyone along:-

We are having fortnightly casual meetings and occasionally an expert speaker.   Our next expert talk is on Wednesday 9th Dec at 7.30pm from the Head Gardener of Wollerton Old Hall (Market Drayton) which featured on Gardeners World twice previously.  Talk is entitled ‘The Fragrant Garden‘. If you’ve not used zoom before we have a trial/test run event on Tuesday 8th at 7.30pm.
To join the meeting on Wed or the trial on Tues, please contact us via our website or email us at
If you are unable to use zoom, you can also either: 1 – See part of the meeting via our FaceBook page – or 2. You can dial into the meeting from a telephone line.
If you want to see a short highlights video of our fortnightly casual meetings click here We may also run a Christmas gardening quiz, so would be nice to have other clubs involved.
Please forward this post onto any friends or other local clubs who might be interested in joining the talks for free. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d like everyone to be able to participate.

Over on our Photo Gallery page we now have a slide show of our Autumn garden pictures. Our seventh December photo is of the few Cotoneaster berries the blackbirds haven’t eaten – yet.

Don’t forget to contact Barlaston Garden Club to join in with their FREE meeting on Wednesday.

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December garden colour

Our meeting this month should have been about December Flower Arrangements (not to mention the afternoon tea) but events are still conspiring against us. We thought instead we would try, with members’ help, to have at least one picture each day of a something providing a little colour in our December gardens – whether its flowers, leaves, berries or ornaments/pots. So, Garden Club Members – this is your challenge. You have our email address for photos. You rose to the Virtual Flower Show Challenge a couple of months ago. Can you rise to this one too?

As a starter here is a mallow still clinging on in Chris’s garden.

Photos will also be appearing on our Instagram feed (stone_candd_garden_club) too.

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Somehow it is November already – and we have a lockdown looming before the end of the week. Normally at this time of year we would have been tidying our sheds and putting surplus tools and equipment to one side for the annual Gardenalia Sale at our November meeting. This year, however, things are a little different!

But that’s no excuse for not tidying the shed. If its anything like ours it is probably in need of a good sort out and a sweep. Its really quite surprising how roomy the shed can be once things start to be put away and tidied up so you can see some floor. What’s more it is excellent (and socially distanced!) exercise even when its pouring with raining and there’s a gale howling around outside. And if it is pouring with rain at least you find out whether the roof felt needs replacing!

So in the lonely weeks ahead let us tidy our sheds, sort out and clean the greenhouse, and make the most of our gardens – we know it makes sense. Wrap up warm and get some fresh air – move the plants that will need frost protection into the greenhouse; keep deadheading the still blooming plants (Cosmos, Penstemon, Dahlia . . .) for as long as possible; cut the grass if it is dry and growing; make some space ready to dry and store any Dahlia tubers that will need lifting; and its not too late to take cuttings of those tender plants such as some Salvias or ones you want to have more of in the garden.

And don’t forget to collect seeds ready for next year’s planting.

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Virtual Show – the Grand Finale

Among the many photos received for the Virtual Show this last week have been quite a few taken at other times of the year so we thought as the final part of the Show we could have a round-up of this (very peculiar) year so far.

We start with January through to April

Then May



and finally August

We hope you have enjoyed this peek at members’ gardens and flowers over the last week. We have missed being able to meet up every month and our chats about our gardens over a cup of something after our speaker has finished for the evening – and we’ve really missed hearing all those inspirational and informative talks. This looks likely to continue well into next year as well, sadly. In the meantime we will try to keep the blog going with as many photos, hints, tips and links as we can find as it is one way to stay in touch with each other until something approaching ‘normal life’ can resume.