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New Year’s Day Colour 4

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There are some plants that provide colour all year round – the ‘evergreens’. These really stand out at this time of year when everything else can seem a little drab. Some are just ‘green’ like the fern, or the laurel acting as a backdrop to the grass.

Others are variegated and can add a real splash of colour to dark corners.

A few have new shoots waiting to emerge that are a slightly different colour – the yellow of new growth on the yew or the violet tips of the Hebe.

Some change colour in the winter, becoming red like the Leucotho or the Star Jasmine while others have colour that intensifies over the winter like the Nandina.

Others like the almost black Ophiopogon take a blue-ish hue in the low winter sun.

Have a good look around your garden this month – you might be surprised by how much colour there is.

In the meantime don’t forget there is a TSGCN talk (via Zoom) at 3pm on Wednesday Jan 12th on the Gardens of Capability Brown – details on our Programme page or the Programme page of the TSGCN website.

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