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Spring time

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In this strange world we find ourselves in at the moment – ‘socially-distanced’ and isolated from friends and wider families – we do at least have the consolation of the warmer weather than comes with this time of year. We may not be able to get out to buy Easter chocolate, or plants but we can get out into our gardens.

As promised we have been putting a photo a day on our Instagram account and some of these have been posted on our Facebook page too. For those of you not signed up to either of those here is a taster –

first up are the daffodils

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

next it’s random shrubs and flowers

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and finally its tulip time –

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If you are desperate for plants, seeds, compost or pots then be aware that although the nurseries and garden centres are closed some of them are doing online and/or phone orders – its worth contacting them to find out.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and look forward to being able to meet again in September.


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